Sweet William

by Jenni

Good news: I’m not pregnant anymore!

Last Thursday, I wrote what a great birthday present it would be for me to go into labor. Well, wishes come true and that night after dinner and Ida’s cupcakes with my family, we finally got things rolling.

God graciously allowed me to have the natural birth experience Seth and I had been hoping for…although it was much different than we imagined. And, most importantly, we now have a healthy, beautiful baby boy. (I’ll share the full birth story soon, for those who are interested.)

William John Burke was born on Friday morning at 2:43 am. He weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches. His eyes are dark blue and his hair is blonde or light brown. We think he has Seth’s chin and eyes, my nose and forehead. But he’s definitely his own man. 🙂

Seth is cashing in all his sick days for the year to stay home with us these first couple weeks, which has made these first days so very sweet. He has been SuperDad as I regain my strength, helping with all the baby and household tasks. Our little family of three is laying pretty low, with lots of snuggle time at home and nice brief visits from friends and family.

I fall more in love with my baby every minute of every day, it seems. This is a sweet time. Well worth the wait.

As mentioned above, I’ll share William’s birth story soon and resume my “regular” blog writing style in the days and weeks ahead. Post frequency may slide to the once-a-week end of the scale for a while, as I adjust to motherhood and find time for writing. Under the Apricot Tree will continue to be a place where we can meet to chat and explore together what it might look like to live more simply and intentionally. Now, I’ll just be bouncing a baby on my knee as we talk. 😉 Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

I hope you’ll enjoy a few pictures of our new sweetheart.