5 Things I Hate about Living in the Country

by Jenni

Today I’m writing a different kind of post than usual. Yes, living on this 30-acres is a dream come true. But it isn’t always perfectly rosy. So in the interest of full disclosure, here are the top 5 Things I Hate about Living in the Country:

  1. 5. Encountering Death—Perhaps what inspired this post was my recent encounter with a decapitated bunny rabbit in the driveway. What sick beast would catch a little cotton tail and rip off it’s head and fluffy tail, only to leave it to rot? (Winston’s disinterest in the carcass pleads his innocence, but he could be trying to fool me.) Dead mice have become a normal part of my landscape now (outside the house only…so far). Gentle Winston has twice brought me a rabbit love offering–one survived, the other did not and I had to dispose of its body. (I walked it to the field across the street and then tripped and sprained my ankle. Double grr.) Then there’s the time I was the killer–the property owner and I decided we needed to take the clutch of eggs away from one of the turkey hens who’d turned broody. I felt so terrible snatching her seven eggs which might have been growing little baby turkeys inside! And she was right to cluck and bawk angrily at me for doing so.  She and I are working on regaining trust, but it’s a long road.

This is what Turkey Hate looks like.

  1. 4. Frog Plagues—Frogs are kinda cute, when there’s just one or two of them hopping by. As a kid, I even liked to catch frogs and build them little kingdoms complete with doll furniture, lakes and rock islands. But when the frogs gather on your turf in hordes, they lose any resemblance to Prince Charming. About a dozen frogs live on the north side of our front porch. They like to take naps behind the pillows on my chairs. They like to stare up at me for minutes and then actually jump at me, like a cat wanting to get on my lap. What is up with that?! I had a  minor meltdown a few weeks back when we were having breakfast on the porch and I was “attacked” by three slippery, slimey frogs in less than five minutes. Poor Seth was aghast at his wife’s shocking display of intolerance for the harmless creatures. Maybe it’s an archetypal response passed down through the generations from when Egypt was cursed with the plague of frogs. Whatever, they’re disgusting.

  1. 3. Rattlesnakes—Okay, so I haven’t actually seen any on our property yet, but I dread the day. There’s no denying, this is rattlesnake country. Whenever I’m out walking on our trail, stepping over a rock, or entering the woodshed, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a big nasty snake there, coiled and ready to strike me with its deadly venom.

Quaint structure or Rattlesnake lair?

  1. 2. Funny Smells—Let’s just say there’s a reason chicken s**t has a bad rap—it does not smell good! And turkey poop is even worse, in my opinion. But worst of all is that our darling Winston thinks that dried up turkey turds are a tasty snack, so his breath and gas reek like hell on wings—I know, grosser than gross!!! Sorry you even had to read that, but it’s not half as bad as smelling it in your living room at night when you’re trying to relax after dinner!

  1. 1. Separation—The gas mileage it takes to get into Madras and back–let alone to Sisters or Bend where my dear family and many friends (and stores) are located–adds up fast. One weekend we spent nearly $100 on gas just for “local” excursions. Ouch! Living further away from Mom & Dad, my sister’s family, and so many wonderful friends is definitely my least favorite thing. I miss being able to step out my door and run into people we know and love. Proximity plays a big role in how much time we spend together.

After typing out these five complaints, my fingers are itching to redeem every single “con” with a dozen lovely “pros.” That’s probably because as my sister pointed out on our old blog (www.FindtheFound.org), I am a “nearly pathological optimist” who looks for the silver lining in every cloud. But this blog is more or less dedicated to celebrating what I love about life, so today we’re just gonna let it be kinda dark and stormy. Afterall, Under the Apricot is about receiving the blessing of this moment in all its “sweet-tart” glory. Maybe acknowledging the tart in life helps us appreciate the sweetness even more.  In any event, I hope you get a kick out of commiserating with me over my ick list for the day and that it didn’t leave you too depressed or grossed out. 😉

“Shall we receive good from God and shall we not receive evil also?” Job 2:10