Feeling the Love

by Jenni

Moving to a new town right before having your first child is not ideal. Those nesting instincts call for the comfort and security of familar places and faces. Yet here we find ourselves, called out to this adventure, with the challenge of creating a new home further away from family and friends.

But instead of feeling lonely and isolated out here (as I was afraid I might), I have been “feeling the love” from friends and family in a major way. Lately, my heart is just full of gratitude. So I need to list my gratefulness to the people who’ve kept my cup full recently:

  • To the women who’ve lavished me with support and practical gifts at my baby showers: THANK YOU for making me feel so loved and surrounded, you can’t possibly know how much it has meant to me.
  • To those who’ve stayed in touch via Facebook, email, & comments on this blog: THANK YOU for asking how we’re doing, for adding your unique voice to the conversation in my life right now.
  • To those who’ve sent gifts and expressions of love: THANK YOU for reaching out to hug us even from far away.
  • To friends and family who’ve gone out of their way to come visit: THANK YOU for making this house truly home by filling it with your sweet presence and new memories.
  • To new friends in Madras: THANK YOU for welcoming us into your lives and community, your friendship makes me excited for the days to come.

I could make this blog post impossibly long by personally thanking each person who has reached out in love. But you know who you are, and so do I. I hope I’ve told you recently in person or in writing how much you mean to me, but I’m sure I’ve mistakenly let some things slide. Please know how much your actions and words bless and strengthen me, especially during this time.

My heart is full. My nest is well-feathered with your generous contributions. Thank you so much.


Here are a few pics from the baby showers…

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