Laundry Line

by Jenni


Temps are back to 90-degrees here, day after day after day. Maybe it’s summer’s apology for showing up late this year? I am loving the heat and occassionally lulled into thinking it will be like this indefinitely. It won’t, of course. We live in a land where it’s wintry cold half the year. All the more reason to soak it in now, while it’s here, and let the sun perform its free, all-natural bleaching magic on my whites!

The sunny, fresh scent of line-dried fabrics is incredible. Puts those perfumy drier sheets to shame. 🙂 Can you believe that we were not allowed to hang a clothesline outside in our previous neighborhood? The HOAs restricted it because, apparently, linens fluttering in the breeze are unsightly. That’s funny, because I think they’re beautiful!

By the way, I have not forgotten about my next post–the Baby Stuff Dilemma, as promised this week in Confessions of a Recovering Consumer. I just have been doing more thinking and researching on the subject and am still developing my strategy. Am excited to hone this more and share with you next week!

Enjoy the weekend!